Direct Care and Support Services

Supported Living

Direct care and Support Services aims to provide care and support to people who have been assessed as needing assistance to meet their social and personal care needs. We will provide these supports primarily to those service users in our supported Living units, who have agreed to buy our services and potential service users who are considering using our service in the future.

The service is suitable to those seeking to develop and improve their independent living skills with a view to moving on to their own independent accommodation in the near future.

These include:

People who are moving on from a higher support residential care setting to live more independently


People who are living in their own homes but requiring a higher level of support than their family and current support network are able to provide.

The focus is on preparing service users to live within the community, supporting them to develop their full potentials and maximising their independence. To achieve this, we will work closely with all care agencies and mainstream services to promote recovery and social inclusion, giving service users a better chance to access community services and to live a more valued and fulfilling life.

Our approach will be driven by our commitment to maintain service user’s independence, providing them with choices, protecting their rights and freedom while making sure that they function within safe boundaries at all times.

We provide extensive client centred support package that will encourage individuals achieve their ambitions, personal goals and desires. The Service will be creative at developing opportunities for service users, helping them to break barriers, advocate on their behalf and support them in all aspects of community life.

Direct Care and Support Services is committed to make the whole experience of living independently a successful and enjoyable one.

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